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    Ideal for industry conferences, leadership groups, and company events.

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    What is Employee Engagement? Why is Engagement Important? What Can Leaders do to Improve Engagement?

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    Aligning talents to roles. Owning your own engagement. Customer engagement. Engaging Customers by Engaging Employees.


Employee Engagement Workshops

An Employee Engagement workshop will teach attendees tools and tips that can be implemented by leaders to drive higher levels of engagement.
They will learn to ask their employees the right questions to create positive and productive working environments.


ACHG Employee Engagement Workshops



Who Should Host an Engagement Workshop?

If you’re looking for thought-provoking content, engaging activities, and useful tools for participants to take back to their works teams, then let’s talk!

Employee Engagement Workshops can be ideal for: 

  • Industry conferences and learning events
  • Leadership groups such as Vistage, EO, and YPO
  • Company-specific events for managers, leaders, and high potentials.
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Why Employee Engagement?

Would your participants be interested in Employee Engagement?

Our database shows that fully engaged employees are 40 times more likely to say they would recommend their company as a great place to work, 15.5 times more likely to report that they plan to spend their career with the organization, and 9 times more likely to report that they have an excellent work/life balance.

Learning to leverage human capital by improving Employee Engagement can offer real value to workshop participants when they return to work. Our workshops offer proven tips, tricks, and practice utilizing tools that have worked for managers and leaders all over the world.

Learn More About Employee Engagement

ACHG Employee Engagement Workshops


Explore Employee Engagement Workshops

Engagement workshops have something to offer everyone - from leaders and managers to individuals. We also offer workshops that include an engagement survey before and/or after the workshop. 


How could an Employee Engagement Workshop Help My Organization?

This type of workshop has something to offer for everyone, from leaders to managers to individuals. We also offer workshops that include an engagement survey before and/or after the workshop.

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Discover the truth about why Employee Engagement is the single most important factor in the organization.
  • Learn the impact of engagement and disengagement on the team and in the workplace.
  • Acquire proven tools for engaging with employees and gain practice using them.
  • Learn to proactively monitor their own levels of engagement.
  • Get answers to the most important questions, including "what is Employee Engagement?," why it's important, and how to create and sustain it.

Some of the tools participants will gain access to:

  1. Employee Engagement Scorecards: these may be sample scorecards for example purposes or team-level scorecards based on pre-workshop survey data. Either way, participants will gain experience “moving the needle” towards improved levels of Engagement.
  2. Recognition Worksheet (3 per participant): these will serve as a roadmap for delivering personalized recognition to team members. It will help managers connect with employees in a meaningful way, as well as explain how to individualize recognition efforts for the greatest possible impact.
  3. Engagement Action Cards: this is a set of 16 mini-meeting guides that help leaders target the foundational drivers of Employee Engagement.

Engagement Workshop events typically include the following:

  • 2-4 hour workshop
  • 3 stakeholder interviews with staff, leadership, and/or members.
  • Content preview with meeting organizer.
  • One collaboration session with other event speakers to help integrate and reinforce key concepts presented in the workshop.


Interested in learning more about Activate Human Capital Group’s Employee Engagement Workshops? Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to helping deliver an engaging workshop that will arm participants with useful new tools, skills, and information.