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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Offerings

Employee Engagement

What is Employee Engagement?

An employee’s level of engagement represents their emotional and psychological commitment to their organization. Fully engaged employees are emotionally and rationally attached to their organizations and are eager to go above and beyond to help their companies thrive.

Building an organization that embraces engagement is not about making employees happy; it is about increasing productivity and profitability, decreasing turnover and absenteeism, and removing barriers that are affecting performance.

Employee Engagement Programs

Activate Human Capital Group is passionate about measurement with a purpose; our engagement initiatives measure what matters within your organization so that we can identify specific, data-driven actions that will drive employee engagement and positively impact the bottom line. While engagement initiatives typically start with a company-wide employee engagement survey, our research has shown that communicating and taking action on the results are the most impactful elements of any survey-related effort. We actively promote post survey activities and education that ensure accountability and serve to build highly engaged, high performing work teams.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Activate Human Capital Group's Employee Commitment IndexTM measures 22 items that are scientifically validated to drive engagement and business performance. Our 10-minute survey is available in 32 languages and results are compiled into an easy-to-read scorecard available for download on our easy-to-use engagement portal (see Not All Employee Engagement Surveys are Created Equal).

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