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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

What is Customer Engagement?

A customer's level of engagement represents their emotional and psychological commitment to the organizations with whom they do business. Fully engaged customers are emotionally and rationally attached to the organizations that serve them and are eager to sing their praises.

At Activate Human Capital Group, our data and experience indicate that engaging customers effectively is foundational in building a successful organization in both B2B and B2C environments. Why? Because fully engaged customers are committed to the success of the companies with which they love to do business. They are loyal, easy to serve, and much more valuable to a company’s bottom line than their less engaged peers.

What Does Customer Engagement Look Like?

Engaged Customers are the result of good processes paired with great people. When Engaged Employees create meaningful relationships with their Customers, the result is magic. Engaged Customers are more forgiving, more loyal, enthusiastic in their referrals, and much more profitable to serve. For all these reasons, improving Customer Engagement is a smart investment.

Customer Engagement Offerings

Activate Human Capital Group's Customer Commitment Index™ is our scientifically validated metric for measuring customer engagement. We use this tool to help analyze and select the “drivers of engagement” that are most important to your customers and your organization. By leveraging these drivers, your organization will know exactly which actions to implement to drive higher client loyalty, margins, and revenue. 

For more information about Activate Human Capital Group's Customer Engagement Surveys and Customer Engagement Programs or to schedule a demonstration of our tools, contact us today.

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