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Activate Human Capital Group Recognized for Providing Leading Employee Engagement Solutions

Annual listing recognizes ten companies at the forefront of providing employee engagement services

COLUSA, Calif. -- Today, Activate Human Capital Group (AHCG) was recognized by HR Tech Outlook, a leading print and digital news outlet that covers the human resources industry, as one of the top ten providers of employee engagement services in the nation. 

“Activate Human Capital’s current suite of products represents 60 collective years of research and practice in this space and 11 years as an organization together,” said Melissa Ortiz, CEO of Activate Human Capital Group. “We believe in getting actionable, straightforward, scientifically validated information into the hands of ALL managers and leaders… effectively giving them a simple roadmap to follow for reduced turnover, improved financial results, and healthier morale. We are very grateful to have received this award and look forward to helping more organizations get more value out of their employee engagement investments.” 

Activate Human Capital Group strives to provide unique, customized employee engagement services that produce real results. Activate takes a qualitative approach to calculating levels of employee engagement to identify specific, data-driven actions that will drive employee engagement and positively impact a companies’ bottom line. While most employee engagement solutions start with a company-wide survey, Activate goes one step further, adapting survey results into real, actionable change within companies. 

“This award acknowledges the years of research we’ve done to create tailored and highly-effective employee engagement services,” said Emily Killham, Chief Research Officer at Activate Human Capital Group. “Our years of involved research have produced a suite of products that are proven to help improve employees’ emotional and psychological commitment to their organizations.” 

Activate’s trademarked Employee Commitment Index measures 22 items that are scientifically validated to drive employee engagement and business performance. Their 10-minute survey is available in 32 languages and results are compiled into two-page manager-level scorecards available for download on their easy-to-use engagement portal. To date, they’ve serviced clients in 47 countries and counting, having successfully adapted their survey, training materials, and communications.   

“One area we really shine is helping clients achieve best-in-class response rates. We typically see upwards of 90%, so our clients are looking at something closer to census data than a smaller sample of their population. This gives them more confidence in the result and in our recommendations,” said Jennifer Simpson, Project Manager, Activate Human Capital Group. “We’ve helped organizations large and small, from ten to ten thousand staff members. We’re thrilled to be recognized by HR Tech Outlook and look forward to helping thousands more teams in the future.” 

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