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Strengths by Domain: Executing

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Every person has Strengths or talents that should be put to use in all aspects of life. There are numerous ways to develop these Strengths, especially when working on teams. One way to classify Strengths and to build both employees and teams, is to understand the four domains that act as an umbrella for the 34 Strengths. According to Gallup, “These domains describe how people and teams use their talents to work with information, make things happen, influence others, and build relationships.” At Activate Human Capital Group, our goal is to sharpen individual talents and round out the domains of teams. Understanding each domain, and the Strengths they possess, is necessary to that goal.

Executing is the domain involving Strengths that are most prepared for hard work and getting the job done. This group of talents is particularly focused on turning ideas into action and is invested in meeting goals. Tireless and focused are words describing Executing Domain Strengths. The nine Executing Strengths are:

Achiever- The Achievers like to accomplish small tasks and large goals. Productivity, being busy, and hard work are important for an Achiever.

Arranger- Arrangers are talented at organizing different components, whether they be people, items, or tasks for optimization.

Belief- the Belief theme understands purpose and feels strongly about core values. These values are often steadfast and drive their work.

Consistency- stable rules, routines, and fairness to all are crucial to those talented in Consistency.

Deliberative- a Deliberative is well known for being able to think through decisions and to evaluate potential hurdles in the way.

Discipline- routine, structure, and order drive those with Discipline talent. Precision and predictability are needed in their day.

Focus- the Focus talent thrives with clear goals, in work and in their personal life. All actions are guided towards meeting these goals.

Responsibility- the talent of Responsibility is geared towards honoring their commitment and their word, well known for remaining loyal.

Restorative- whether personal or practical, the Restorative talent identifies problems and works to bring those issues to resolution.

Each of these talents play a pivotal role in meeting team-level goals. If many, or all, of your Strengths fall within this domain, you are best suited for responsibilities and roles where you can help with the implementation of ideas. These Strengths take pride in accomplishing tasks successfully and in being thought of as dependable. Being a task-master is a phrase often attributed to those heavy in Executing talents. This can have a negative connotation but these Strengths are imperative when ideas need to be turned into reality.

While the nine talents listed above primarily orient themselves to defining and completing tasks, they are not one-trick ponies. Thankfully, Strengths can be “aimed” to accomplish all different kinds of work as the need arises; they simply gravitate toward one type of work. For example, an Arranger may use their Strength easily in the role of Relationship Building by assisting friends or team members in re-arranging people or resources for improved efficiency. A Focus talent may use the clarity they provide on an organization’s goals to provide insight to Strategic Thinking. Thus, domains should be thought of as trends rather than absolutes.

While the Executing Domain possesses numerous Strengths with qualities that are important to helping organizations grow, it is important to note how Executing needs the other domains as well. It is important to know where an organization has been and which direction the organization is headed (Strategic Thinking Domain). Any team can use the gifts of Relationship Building Strengths to bolster internal and external connections. Additionally, tasks and goals that are completed need to be promoted to ensure the team receives credit and secures resources for the next opportunity - the Influencing Domain can assist with these needs.

Whether your team or your organization is newly formed or well established, understanding the Strengths you possess individually and collectively is imperative to achieving your full potential. Activate Human Capital Group can provide the information and insight needed to begin the first steps. Contact us or reach out today for your first steps.