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Talent Identification - How to Identify and Nurture Hidden Talents

The success of your team and your larger organization comes down to one important question: do you have the RIGHT people in the RIGHT seats? An organization can only be as successful as the people who comprise it. That’s why adequate talent identification and playing to the strengths of every individual are so important.

Talent identification is the process of discovering an individual's abilities and potential to excel in a particular field or position. Identifying talent can be challenging, especially when employees are often unaware of their own abilities.

Why It Matters

The identification of hidden talents can provide managers with key information needed to place employees in the right positions. Once in the right positions, managers have carved out appropriate space for each individual employee to provide for them to excel in roles that align with their natural skills. When your team members are in the roles that they can most readily succeed in, the whole team will benefit, and you will have a more engaged workforce.

How to Identify Talent

  • Test It: Administering aptitude and personality tests will help you better understand the makeup of your team. You will learn more about your employees’ goals, opportunities for growth, and what their strengths are.
  • Observe: Pay attention to what your team is doing. Were you impressed by how smoothly John steered a conversation with a client? Have you seen how Jenna naturally encourages and leads those in her department? Start noticing what your team members are gravitating towards, and regularly provide feedback to encourage them to keep showing up.
  • Mentor: In addition to positive reinforcement, strategically use constructive criticism to help your team nurture their skills. Your input may give them a new perspective, and it shows that you care about their personal and professional growth.
  • Use Tech: Technology, including the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, is playing an increasingly important role in talent identification, skill development, and employee engagement by providing ongoing learning opportunities and insights into how your team is improving. Activate Human Capital Group offers a variety of innovative tools to assist your organization in achieving optimal performance.

EOS is a high-functioning people-management system designed to help you attract, develop, engage, and retain great team members. Using tools such as the People Analyzer you can more readily put the right people in the right seats to better nurture their talents. But similar to our views on wine, the one you like is the one that’s good, just find one you like and get started. We are partial to Strengths Finder and The Predictive Index. Here’s a link to take the Predicative Index on us!

Ultimately, talent identification is an essential process that can help individuals and organizations unlock hidden potential and achieve greater success. By understanding how to identify and nurture talents, you can create a more productive and fulfilling future for everyone involved in your organization. At Activate Human Capital Group, we equip businesses with the resources they need to explore and nurture employee talents. Contact us to learn more!