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For many businesses, the past two years have been a stress test unlike any other. Navigating this uncharted territory as a business owner, operator, or leader has been challenging, and workforce obstacles have been commonplace. The collective crisis we have all experienced forced everyone to re-evaluate their priorities leading to phenomena like the Great Resignation.

In this new era of work, employees are viewing and approaching their work differently, and managers must do the same. Needless to say, retaining employees is only half the battle; keeping them engaged is the other, even more critical task. Here are four quick tips for maintaining employee engagement:

1. Ensure Employees Are in the Right Role

Maximizing employee engagement is founded on ensuring employees are in the right role in the first place. When hiring, make sure to discuss employees' mix of talent, skills, and expertise as well as the areas in which they want to grow. Adapting the role in a way that leverages their natural strengths and existing skillset will pay dividends for the organization AND the team member more quickly. 

2. Give Employees Flexibility

Remote work has become commonplace in many industries over the past two years–and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Tech industry leaders like Twitter and Reddit may never require workers to come back to their offices full-time. And while the return to work for many has already happened, most employers are offering their employees more flexibility than ever before. This level of trust results in a happier workforce and reinforces employee engagement.

3. Recognize and Reward Hard Work & Values Alignment

Acknowledging employees’ dedication and accomplishments should occur more than once or twice a year. Managers should regularly identify ways in which employees are meeting or exceeding expectations–as both employees and individuals. Consider recognizing “weekly wins” in regular meetings with employees, highlighting their achievements in and outside of the office; especially those that align with company core values.

4. Conduct Regular Assessments of Employee Engagement

Regularly measuring employees’ level of engagement will help you pinpoint hotspots that need to be addressed and improve retention. Consider conducting quarterly informal assessments of employee engagement, and read on for a few sample questions you can incorporate:

  • How are you feeling about work right now?
  • Are you proud of what you’ve accomplished over the past few months?
  • How can we work to support you as you work towards your professional goals?
  • Do you feel like your supervisor and/or your team is invested in your success?

Once or twice a year, consider doing a more in-depth assessment of employee engagement. Activate Human Capital Group is passionate about measurement with a purpose; our engagement initiatives measure what matters within your organization, so that we can identify specific, data-driven actions that will drive employee engagement and positively impact the bottom line. Our Employee Commitment Index™ measures 22 items that are scientifically validated to drive engagement and business performance. Click here to learn more.

Activate Human Capital Group’s engagement offerings and talent-based assessments bolstered by systems like EOS™ can help you define organizational roles and identify the best people who can fulfill them.

Give us a chance to help you realize the impactful results of a more engaged and effective workforce – Activate HCG works to help employees realize their potential by supporting employers in the creation of great workplaces. For more information about Activate Human Capital Group’s Employee Engagement Offerings or to schedule a demonstration of our tools, contact us today.