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Activate frequently receives questions regarding whether or not Strengths-Based development efforts would be appropriate (and impactful!) for a specific industry, business model, or organization. The short answer is: YES! Activate has seen Strengths-based development efforts applied to all facets and stages of life – at work, at home, at church, and in organizations of all shapes and sizes. The language of Strengths can be implemented to make your team and organization stronger, regardless of t...
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Activate Human Capital Group continues to be passionate about the fact every person has strengths or talents that should be put to use in all aspects of life. There are numerous ways to develop these strengths, especially when working on teams. One way to classify strengths and to build both employees and teams, is to understand the four domains that act as an umbrella for the 34 strengths. According to Gallup, “These domains describe how people and teams use their talents to work with informat...
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