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The benefits of managerial practices are touted throughout business and industry. In fact, the development of management and leadership has become a billion dollar movement in and of itself. But one area that is under-served, in so many ways, the education system, is ripe to receive these benefits as well. One educator in California, Jody Johnston, is ready to use proven practices to the advantage of her staff and students.
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Every organization is looking for ways to improve and to rise above the competition. A vast amount of research has shown that, across industries and job types, employees have many workplace needs in common. But something is being lost between the knowing and the doing. Between the mountains of compelling data and the integration of these proven practices into our organizations.
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Activate Human Capital Group is passionate about developing natural talents and aptitudes into Strengths and helping people put those abilities to work in all aspects of life. There are numerous ways to develop these Strengths, especially when working on teams.
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