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Industrial & Manufacturing

Engagement in Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial and manufacturing companies are an important part of Activate Human Capital Group's client base. We have worked with a variety of companies in the automotive, oil and gas, auto parts, waste products and industrial distribution sectors. Our efforts working with senior, mid-level and front line managers have resulted in improved performance and productivity. Delivering these impressive results begins when we deploy our proprietary tools to identify critical areas which need to be addressed, continues as we design intervention strategies to produce meaning change, and is reinforced by ongoing measurement to ensure alignment and results.

As industrial and manufacturing sectors have embraced the teachings of Six Sigma to improve quality, Activate Human Capital Group helps them focus the next round of continuous improvement efforts on the teachings of Human Sigma to focus on the human element. Human Sigma was developed to respond to the increasing demand for increased per person productivity. Through the use of our proprietary tools and education, we can assess and improve the engagement of employees to improve productivity. The results of these effort are high quality products, improved safety, reduced turnover and higher customer satisfaction.

Areas of Focus:

  • Quality 
  • Safety (see our results)
  • Employee Turnover 
  • Customer Retention 
  • Productivity 
  • Profitability

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