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Industries and Clients

Industry Applications

Activate Human Capital Group's scientifically validate survey tools may be implemented in a variety of industries including the ones listed below.
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Retail Environments

Same Store Sales, Turnover, Shrinkage, Absenteeism, Share of Wallet, Productivity, Profitability
Customers leave every interaction with your company a little more, or a little less engaged. Are your employees' engaged and aligned in a way that allows them to consistently drive customer engagement? According to a retail study conducted by KPMG for the National Retail Federation, retailers nationwide are shifting their focus from cost containment to growth acceleration. Nowhere is competition fiercer than the retail sector where the only remaining sustainable competitive advantage is creating meaningful connections between employees and their customers on a consistent basis. This competitive advantage is not easily replicated, making an investment in employee and customer engagement a very wise use of company dollars. Learn more about engagement in a retail environment.


Finding great educators is difficult. Keeping them can be tougher still. Combining Employee Engagement and Strengths Development can be a winning combination for engaging your certificated and credentialed employees. In turn this improved engagement translates to improved student achievement, parent involvement, and will give you a leg-up in the recruiting arena. Another impactful option in education is connecting your students with their Strengths and teaching them how to find their unique path to success. Learn more about engagement in education.

Industrial & Manufacturing Environments

Quality, Safety, Employee Turnover, Customer Retention, Share of Requirements, Productivity, Profitability
Industrial and manufacturing companies are an important part of the Activate Human Capital Group client base. We have worked with a variety of companies in the automotive, oil and gas, auto parts, waste products and industrial distribution sectors. Our efforts working with senior, mid-level and front line managers have resulted in improved performance and productivity. Delivering these impressive results begins when we deploy our proprietary tools to identify critical areas which need to be addressed, continues as we design intervention strategies to produce meaningful change, and is reinforced by ongoing measurement to ensure alignment and results. Learn more about engagement in an industrial and manufacturing environment.

Healthcare Environments

Patient Safety, Patient Engagement, Turnover, Productivity, Profitability
Physicians, nurses, and the wide variety of other healthcare professionals enhance the health and well-being of the communities they serve. Many operate in life or death environments every day. The demands on this industry to find improved methods of delivering high quality care at a reasonable cost is challenging executives and managers on a daily basis. Learn more about engagement in a healthcare environment.

Hospitality Environments

Employee Turnover, Absenteeism, Profitability, Revenue Per Available Room, Customer Spend, Share of Customer Requirements
The hospitality arena is overflowing with competitive options, all aggressively seeking to attract and retain customers, and all seeking to do so in a world marked by constrained resources and escalating cost pressures. Whether it’s fast food or luxury resorts, stores and properties that have taken action to optimize the engagement and commitment of both employees and customers show the impressively strong financial returns that result. Learn more about engagement in a hospitality environment.

Financial Services Environments

Innovation, Turnover, Productivity, Profitability
Earning customer trust and loyalty is critical in the financial services industry. The only way to deliver on the brand promises you make to current and potential customers is to ensure that your employees or “Brand Ambassadors” are engaged and properly aligned. Activate Human Capital Group offers a unique combination of tools and consulting services designed to drive customer engagement, employee engagement, and financial results. Learn more about engagement in a financial services environment.