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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Benefits

What's all this HYPE about Employee Engagement? Take a look. The findings speak for themselves. Activate Human Capital Group's data tells us why companies need to make an effort to engage their people. How would an improvement in these stats benefit your organization?

Talent Fit

Activate Human Capital Group - Talent Fit

An evaluation of Predictive Index Behavioral Assessments for top-performing Client Service Managers showed that while some top performers find an easy fit between the demands of the role and their natural behaviors, other top performers are working hard to adapt their natural approach every day to find success in the role. Learn more about talent optimization.

Client Engagement

Client Engagement

Driving engagement delivered strong results for this Small Managed Services IT Firm. After measuring client engagement, Activate HCG calculated that clients with above average engagement contributed an additional $903 in revenue compared to their below average counterparts.

Energy Industry

Employee Engagement in the Energy Industry

Engagement is a leading indicator of business performance – improved engagement consistently and reliably leads to healthier, more profitable results. Our research has shown that in the energy industry, engagement plays a significant role in safety and turnover.

Automotive Industry

Employee Engagement in the Automotive Industry

Can driving employee engagement really deliver a profit? For this luxury automotive manufacturer dealerships in the top quartile who maintained or increased employee engagement averaged $982 in additional profit per new car sold! It pays to drive engagement.